What does landscaping mean? To the Ken Helmlinger Company, landscaping means creating and taking care of our clients’ outdoor spaces. We specialize in residential landscape services and are committed to providing the best service and best quality products available, for any size project, with a special attention to detail.

Some people might think of landscaping as mowing the lawn or trimming shrubs, but there is much more to landscaping than that. Landscaping is a science, and an art. Building outdoor spaces involves a variety of technical skills, often underestimated by the untrained eye. These necessary skills are very hard to find in one single person, so the secret of a successful landscape company is to have a great group of knowledgeable professionals working together. In order to plan, install and maintain a sucessful landscape, the following skills are essential: drawing and design, building codes, building materials, construction techniques, drainage, physics, mathematics, power equipment, mechanics, technology, botany, horticulture, plant diseases and insects.

What differentiates an ordinary landscape from a landscape carefully planned by a professional is the artful placement of its elements. While it is relatively easy to master the technical skills involved with installing materials correctly, learning how to combine living elements that are growing, changing with the seasons and will die over time is an art. You can immediately identify a good landscape because it is a unique space that reflects more than the sum of its individual elements and evokes a feeling of oneness with everything around it.

What does landscaping mean to you? Do you enjoy the outdoors, watering flowers and watching things grow? Or would you rather have someone else mowing your lawn and fertilizing your plants? No matter what your landscaping needs are, technical or artistic, we will be happy to assist you in making your outdoor space unique.

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