After a new landscape is installed, it will require care on a regular basis. How frequently you need to take care of it will depend on the size, elements and plant materials used. In addition to mowing, simple landscapes may require only a spring cleanup, trimming and weed control in the summer, and a leaf cleanup in the fall. More extensive landscapes will need more frequent care.

Landscape Maintenance Services we offer...

A Spring Cleanup will include edging, cleaning, weeding and mulching of landscape beds. Any required pruning or trimming of plants will be done, and a pre-emergent herbicide will be applied to prevent new weed seeds to germinate.

Why mulch your landscape beds?
There are many reasons for mulching landscape beds:
  • It helps retain moisture in the soil, which reduces need for watering.
  • It helps prevent weed growth and it and make it easier to pull weeds out.
  • It adds organic matter to the soil, improving soil condition.
  • It protects trees from physical injury from lawn mowers by creating a mulch ring around the tree.
  • It adds a finishing touch to a landscape.

Mulch should ideally be applied after the ground has warmed up in the spring. A variety of mulch choices is available, such as shredded hardwood, pinebark or cypress. Some types are dyed, which help them retain their color longer. A 2" layer should be applied to the ground surface and around plants, with care not to pile up the mulch around plant stems or tree trunks.

Even tough mulch has great qualities, too much of a good thing is not better! You may see trees around your neighborhood with huge mulch mounds around them and think that is the proper way to do it. A reputable landscape company will never do this, as the excess mulch will retain moisture around the tree bark and create an environment for fungus and disease to develop. This is very harmful and if done continuously will reduce the lifetime of the tree significantly.

A Summer Cleanup will include additional trimming, deadheading, fertilization of seasonal plantings, as well as post-emergent weed control when needed.

A Fall Cleanup consists of cleaning up leaves in beds to prepare the landscape for the winter months.

We also offer additional options for landscape maintenance, such as water feature cleanups and weed control, and will be happy to customize a program for your needs. If you require a service that we do not provide, we will be happy to give you trustworthy referrals of professional companies we work with.

Please remember that watering is an essential task during the summer months. If you plan to travel for more than a week at a time during the summer months, and you do not have an irrigation system, it is important to arrange to have your plants watered while you are away.

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