When talking about landscaping, many people first think of plants, flowers or even their lawn. But a great part of what makes a landscape functional, attractive and unique is the hardscape, or inorganic (dead) elements it contains. Some examples of hardscape elements are patios, decks, paths, walls, columns, fences, pergolas, trellises, gazebos, arbors, and even swimming pools, water gardens and fountains.

No matter what materials are used, the artfull placement of stone and hardscape elements will increase the value of a property and enhance the natural elements of any outdoor space.

Selection of Hardscape Materials
The right materials should be selected according to your homes’s style, your taste, budget and how well it complements the existing materials around the home. The best selection will ensure a long lasting, low maintenance, great outdoor feature addition to your property.

Natural stone is one of the favorite, although more expensive, hardscape materials to be used in landscapes. But in addition to natural stone, there is a wide variety of materials, colors patterns and textures to choose from, such as manufactured concrete blocks and pavers, clay bricks, decorative gravels, wood, tile, etc.

For paved surfaces, concrete pavers are a great choice. Pavers are a durable, low maintenance material and a more environmentally friendly choice than concrete or asphalt as they are a permeable material, which helps decrease surface runoff from the paved surface.

These are some of the common Hardscape Features we install:

When it comes to entertaining outdoors, a patio is the most natural choice. A patio is a great outdoor feature that immediately increases the livable space of your home. A grill, built in fire pit or fully operational kitchen installed on your patio area will add months of enjoyment outdoors.
Paths and walkways can be functional and attractive at the same time. They are also used to direct the movement of visitors. A simple stepping stone path to access the compost pile in the back corner might not be very appealing, but it will be functional. On the other hand, the front entrance of a home deserves a nice wide walkway leading to it, made of materials that complement the home itself. This simple touch which will make a home more inviting and will increase the curb appeal of the property.
Stone walls define spaces, direct movement and add structure and elegance to a landscape. Retaining walls provide erosion control, and free standing walls provide a sense of enclosure and might provide a sitting area as well.

While managing a steep slope can be a challenge, it can also be a gift to a landscape. A slope provides a variety of possibilities, such as terraced gardens and a natural space for a waterfall.

Retaining walls can also be used to create raised beds for a vegetable garden. The raised bed creates additional space for soil amendments and improves soil drainage to make sure you can grow great veggies.

Columns add an accent and help define a space. They can be used as a base for a planter, a water fountain, or lights at the entrance of a driveway. Columns will define the edges of a space and help people determine where something starts and ends.
A garden structure is a permanent element in the landscape that will add a lot of interest throughout all seasons. Structures can provide privacy and shade, create an entrance to a garden space, provide support for plants, create areas for entertainment and more. Some examples of structures are arbors, pergolas, fences, gates, gazebos, trellises, playhouses, swings, etc.

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