Hopefully you already have a landscape plan ready or we are working together to create a perfect plan for you. Before investing a lot of money on installing new plants in your yard, it is a great idea to know what you are trying to accomplish by adding new plantings. It is important to consider how the different areas of your landscape relate to each other, what types of activities you like to do outdoors, how long you plan on staying at your home, how much outdoor maintenance you are willing to do and your overall landscaping budget.

Having a landscape design plan will always save you money in the long-term. If you don’t have a plan yet, please refer to the Landscape Design section to learn how to get started with a landscape plan. A landscape designer will best determine the appropriate plants for the site conditions of your property.

You don’t always need a landscape plan. If you are fortunate, your home’s previous owners might have carefully planned the landscape and you inherited a great yard. In this case, all you have to do for a while is to take good care of your landscape. Please refer to Landscape Maintenance section to learn how we can help you.

Even if you already have the perfect garden though, as time goes by, plants will grow, conditions will change and your landscape might need to be renovated. From time to time you might need to have a plant replaced or a whole area redone as the plantings outgrow their space or just don’t look good anymore. Maybe a tree fell down during a storm, a critter might have liked the taste of your plants or a severe winter might have damaged prominent plants. Mother Nature will act according to her own whims; it is wise to work with her rather than against her. We can help you remedy some of the natural effects of time on your plantings.

Ideal timing for plantings

Many people think that they can only plant during the spring, and sometimes in the fall. Maybe that was the case in the past, when plant material was not as readily available. Nowadays, container plant materials are available most of the year, which extends the planting season significantly. Plants can be installed anytime they are available and the soil is workable, which is usually from early spring to late fall in the central Ohio area. Still, there are exceptions to this as some specific species should only be dug and transplanted at a certain time of the year.

The reason plantings are mostly done in spring and fall is simply because of more natural rainfall during these times. That means less watering time! However, even when plants are installed during spring or fall, they will not survive on rainfall alone. Newly installed plants do not yet have a root system in the surrounding soil to help supply the necessary water, so additional watering is needed.

New plants can be equally effective installed during the summer, when proper watering is provided. Your commitment to providing water to the new plants is essential for their survival, and is an important part of the requirements listed under the THE KEN HELMLINGER COMPANY GUARANTEE.

What we will plant
We are ready to help you with any planting needs you might have. The Ken Helmlinger Company will install all types of plants available and reliable in the central Ohio area. We are well equipped and trained to properly plant anything from large shade trees or evergreens, to shrubs and smaller plants such as perennials and annual flowers. We are committed to ensure the success of your plantings. You can check out pictures of some of our Landscape Installations before you call us. But don't hesitate to contact us even if you only need one shade tree planted. That one tree could be the beginning of a great relationship with us, and a reminder of nature's greatness in your own yard.
Care after installation
Properly maintaining your new plants is essential to ensure the success of the installation. This is true especially during the first year after planting. Watering schedules need to be adapted according to the time of planting, location, type of plants and amount of natural rainfall. An irrigation system can simplify and make watering easier, especially in large properties, but it is not required. Specific watering instructions will be discussed when we install new plantings.

The secret of a successful planting is a well-designed landscape plan and a commitment for proper maintenance of the newly installed plants.

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