Spring is Here!

What a beautiful time of the year... I hope you are enjoying the warm sunshine, the longer days and the first signs that spring is here. After such a long and cold winter, it is very reassuring to see the cycles of nature shifting once again!

While the melted snow uncovered the spring bulbs poking out of the ground, it also revealed damage caused by last month's snow and ice accumulation. When wildlife's food supply is low, landscape plants become part of the menu. If you notice any scars on tree trunks or chewed up branches, maybe you had some uninvited hungry visitors in your yard. If you haven't already, you might want to take inventory of your landscape before too long. We will be happy to help you with that.

Pruning Tip:

The ideal time to prune most shrubs and trees is before they leaf out in the spring. It is easier to see their brach structure and there is less debris to dispose of.

Early spring blooming plants should be pruned after they bloom, so that blooms are not lost.


Daylight time savings just started a few days ago.

If you have an Outdoor Lighting System, you might want to reset the timer so that the lights come on at the right time.


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