Plant More Trees!
Environmental and economical benefits of trees

The use of trees and vegetation in the urban environment, when planted in strategic locations,can reduce peak summer temperatures by as much as 2–9°F . Researchers have found that planting deciduous trees or vines to the west of a building is typically most effective for cooling, especially if they shade windows and part of the building’s roof, which will reduce energy use and decrease demand for air conditioning. After this summer's high temperatures, this sounds like a great idea!

In addition to cooling the environment, trees provide many benefits that are often overlooked:

  • Improved air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions: By reducing energy demand, trees and vegetation decrease the production of associated air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. They also remove air pollutants and store and sequester carbon dioxide.
  • Enhanced stormwater management and water quality: Vegetation reduces runoff and improves water quality by absorbing and filtering rainwater.
  • Reduced pavement maintenance: Tree shade can slow deterioration of street pavement, decreasing the amount of maintenance needed.
  • Improved quality of life: Trees and vegetation provide aesthetic value, habitat for many species, and can reduce noise.
  • Food source:nuts and berries provide food to wildfile and fruit trees provide humans a source of food that only needs to be planted once, unlike annual crops, minimizing soil and nutrient loss, and are easy to integrate into an urban landscape.
Tree Calculator:

To find out the value of your street-side trees, enter your tree's information at the following website developed by Casey Tree Washington DC non-profit organization and the Davey Tree Company. It will calculate the  environmental and economical benefits your tree is providing to you and your neighborhood.

Medium Size
Trees for Ohio:

(30' to 45')

Hedge Maple
River Birch
European Hornbeam
Hardy Rubber Tree
Black Gum
Amur Corktree
Sargent Cherry
Flowering Pear
Sawtooth Oak
Lacebark Elm

Source: OSU Factsheet

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