Why not let your landscape give you something back?

There is much hype lately about organic gardening, rain harvesting, green practices and sustainability. These are not a fad, they represent a fundamental shift in how people want to connect with their environment and preserve natural resources for generations to come. But you don't need to keep chickens in your backyard in order to be more ecofriendly. Maybe a small step would be to include a few edible plants in your landscape. There are several trees, shrubs and perennial plants that provide food and beauty to your landscape as well.

If you enjoy cooking, having an herb garden or vegetable garden are great ways to supply fresh ingredients to your recipes throughout a good part of the year. While people think of vegetable gardens as unsightly, they don't have to be. All that is needed is a little imagination! A vegetable garden can be productive, easily accessible and beautiful as well. If you are blessed with a sunny spot in your yard, you might like to consider an herb spiral or a keyhole garden. These are compact, raised, accessible, easy to care for and highly productive gardens.

Even if you don't have space for a vegetable garden, you might want to incorporate some edible plants in your landscape. Here are a few examples of plants you can eat (flower or fruit) in your landscape:
- Serviceberry
- Elderberry
- Red Currant
- several types of Viburnums
- Rugosa Rose
- Pawpaw
- Hibiscus
- Herbs (perennial and annual)
- Pansies
- Daylilies


April is a good time to:

- lawn repair and installation
- correct drainage issues from winter damage
- drain, clean and refil water features
- plant most trees and shrubs
- prune back roses to live wood
- prune shrubs that bloom on new wood

- cut back ornamental grasses
- get containers ready to plant flowers
, but be patient about planting vegetables and annuals! Last frost date in central Ohio is not until May 9.

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